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About Me – What is My FICO Score?

A Veteran Who Needs To Get His Credit Right And Hold Himself Accountable.

Mr. Fico Pimp is not a financial guru with an MBA from Harvard or formally trained in the world of finance. He is neither a certified financial planner, but a lost veteran who needs to get his credit right, hold himself accountable, and find multiple ways to connect with his three kids.

One of my biggest dreams was to own multiple homes, but I lacked the knowledge to leverage my credit to make passive income. As a Black man in the United States, I always wondered whether FICO scores are racist. After being in debt for more than ten years and struggling with credit my whole life, I decided to start this website to share important tips that will help you get out of debt.

I was never taught about FICO scores early in life and this had a significant impact on my decisions. When I joined the army, I was already sabotaging my credit by getting high-interest rates car loans from dealerships camps outside of the base. My creditworthiness became worse after I financed furniture for my apartment and get wedding rings for my ex-wife.

I started receiving credit cards in the mail with high limits and high-interest rates. I also made the mistake of not saving enough from my two tours to Iraq. As a result, my twenties and thirties were pretty much ruined financially and my credit was in the tank. Although I managed to keep the debt afloat for as long as I could, things were only getting worse.

Life became a real struggle when I got out of the army, and I struggled to figure out the next move and phase of my life. I enrolled in several schools, but all I was doing was piling up student loan debt. It was a very dark time for me as I watched my home fall apart because of credit.

Things became so bad that I was torn between suicide and bankruptcy for an extended period of time. I had to seek help from the VA to fix my life and credit score, and reconnect with my kids. In the process, this site was born to help me educate my kids about the importance of credit as I grew myself financially.

About What is My FICO Score

What is My FICO Score is not a get-rich-quick scheme with a catalog of fancy products. Rather, this is a site where I will be showing how I live my credit life. I will share stories about debt elimination, saving money, the latest personal finance tools and articles, and news related to simplicity, frugality, and personal development. You will get access to advise, guidance, guides, and review tools to help you make better decisions.

Although there are thousands of financial products and services out there, only quality products will transform your life. Through what I share on this website, you will understand how to choose the best products for you, how it works, and how to achieve your financial goals. The content and guidance provided are objective, independent, and free.


Money is something I have been chasing my whole life. In the process, the need to improve my FICO score has not gone unnoticed. With everything that I have gone through, taking control of my credit is now more important than ever. Due to a lack of knowledge in credit and credit cards, I occasionally fell into the pitfalls of credit cards. I became addicted to seeing my name on a plastic card, but now I know better.

As I share my experiences, What is My Fico Score will help Me:

  • Dig out of debt and 
  • Dig out of debt and improve your credit score
  • Manage your credit in a more efficient and effective manner
  • Learn the proper way of leveraging credit for wealth creation and growth
  • Escape student loan debt and start building real wealth for the future. 
  • Navigate your personal finance decisions to can escape debt, earn more money, learn to invest, and more.
  • Connect with my kids forever


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